December 15, 2008

Its time to get knitty gritty with my projects!

Having always had the questionable purpose of my illustrations in mind and I was never fully sure what it the answer was. It is from the cafe redesign project I have realised it was possible for me to translate my illustrative mind into a functional situation. I have completely re-assessed what situations I would like to take my work in. I have become very interested in creating illustrative, functional products. Much more than t-shirts and bags I want to explore furniture, of all sorts and environments it can create.

So I'm starting to get down with my ornamental language project, I have so many ideas I just wish I could focus all of my attention on this one project as I think I could spend a life time on it.
Ornamental language:

Looking at the narration of objects through their design, primarily furniture.
* The use of narrative to manipulate, expanded or create a new function to an existing object.

I will be focusing on textiles; the execution of narrative though fabric and pattern.

* Furniture; mostly looking at antique items and injecting these with the modernistic manner in which i
work in.

* I will be sourcing my narratives from a few different angles; furniture its purpose, its possibilities
history. English traditions,
folklore and history.

As it is the starting point of my project my ideas are a little bitty and floaty but I have a general idea of where I want to take the project. I have a mixture of ideas that i think can be pulled together to make a body of fun and functional work.
I've been looking into various people and things today which have got my mind excited!
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