December 27, 2008

Tord boontje

During a lengthy web page crawl I came across Tord Boontje. Completely overwhelmed by his work, i became intertwinned with the natural flow of emotions evoked by his work. His work is contempory yet doesnt loose tradition. It feels as though the work holds respect for its viewer it is complex with multiple layers yet easy to read, it feels comfortable and inviting, rich in beauty. Simplicity at its best.

December 26, 2008

Russian Doll pattern

I see a lot of Russian doll patterns I'm not so sure why, they seem to be one of those universally excepted and necessary drawings, not very inventive after the 1 millionth time but okay as its cute, nice and it will guarantee to deliver?!? I had to just get it out of my system so i could move on into a much more mind simulating manner.

New books!

Christmas postcards

December 15, 2008

Its time to get knitty gritty with my projects!

Having always had the questionable purpose of my illustrations in mind and I was never fully sure what it the answer was. It is from the cafe redesign project I have realised it was possible for me to translate my illustrative mind into a functional situation. I have completely re-assessed what situations I would like to take my work in. I have become very interested in creating illustrative, functional products. Much more than t-shirts and bags I want to explore furniture, of all sorts and environments it can create.

So I'm starting to get down with my ornamental language project, I have so many ideas I just wish I could focus all of my attention on this one project as I think I could spend a life time on it.
Ornamental language:

Looking at the narration of objects through their design, primarily furniture.
* The use of narrative to manipulate, expanded or create a new function to an existing object.

I will be focusing on textiles; the execution of narrative though fabric and pattern.

* Furniture; mostly looking at antique items and injecting these with the modernistic manner in which i
work in.

* I will be sourcing my narratives from a few different angles; furniture its purpose, its possibilities
history. English traditions,
folklore and history.

As it is the starting point of my project my ideas are a little bitty and floaty but I have a general idea of where I want to take the project. I have a mixture of ideas that i think can be pulled together to make a body of fun and functional work.
I've been looking into various people and things today which have got my mind excited!

9 Albemarle Street

I have become increasingly interested in Paul Smith he is much more than just your average suit and boot man. It seems he has an interest in antique objects too and the manipulation of them so I'm off to his shop 9 Albemarle Street.

" The shop houses a rich and varied selection of original and unique antiques, objects art and curiosities sourced from around the world".

A new found furniture and ceramics love

Since finishing the cafe i have a new found furniture and ceramics love. I met a man who also seemed to share a similar love but he didn't stop at furniture and ceramics he loved everything!
Stored in his 5 barns are treasures of all sorts. I spent a lot of time rummaging finding all sorts of goodies. His ceramics barn was like a library for cups and saucers it was insane!

I've particularly become interested in furniture of that emerged during Louis XV rein. Im keeping my eyes out for any good bargains particularly spoon back chairs...

Wall of imagry

Written words and whispers

The Lion King

Pen drawing based on the folk story of how Leominster got its name.
Two men dreamt on the same night, a Lion was King of their village. The two men both religous started a church in their village, a statue of a lion above the door. They were later granted to have the villgae change to Leominster in remembrance to their dream.
Mary Hopkins (1987) Once upon a time... in Worcester and Hereford.

The bakers daughter that was turned into an owl

Mary Hopkins (1987) Once upon a time... in Worcester and Hereford.

White witches of Worcester

Graphite and pencil drawing based on the 'Two witches of Worcester' folklore.

Mary Hopkins (1987) Once upon a time... in Worcester and Hereford.

Image based on big brother to little sister cake sharing ratios

Make an ugly fridge beautiful

Toadstool seating

The stools were inspired by the folklore, woodland themes and landscape of Hereford. Made from dried Cherry wood with upholstered tops. Available to order soon...

Dawn Song Birds

Bench seating fabric design

Fabric design was based on the Dawn song which is said to be heard best in Hereford. The song consists of a chorus made up of Robins, Wood pigeons, song thrushes, Dunnocks, Great tits, Blackbirds, Chaffinch, and Wrens.

Window two

Window one

It was said that Hereford folk would leave trays of fresh grass outside their doors for fairies to dance on during the night, in return they would leave small cakes.

* Fairy woodland creatures screen printed, stuffed and hung by ribbons, applique cakes and fake

The new Number Ten cafe

Research evolved my ideas into mutations of their original form, each part had fallen into another, like dominoes. Martino Gamper, cafes, the history of the sandwich, tea, and afternoon tea. French saloons, Hereford history, traditions and folklore. Paris ,boutiques, antiques , ceramics, and furniture. Richard Hutten and Donna Wilson.

After 3 months of researching, testing, finding themes and putting them in place, sourcing old tables, chairs, frames, cups, saucers, and tea pots. Finding fake grass, ribbons, and birdcages. Drawing, painting, printing, sewing and sticking. Writing blackboards and menus. Hanging and hammering, the cafe was finished and i love it.

Cafe redesign

After undertaking a commissioned job to design menus for a newly taken over cafe in Hereford. The initial design of the menu lead to the proposal, by owner Jenna Seal, to re-designing the entire cafe, from all of its body parts to the shell it was encased in. The cafe was in need of some attention, and I was happy to give it some.

See pictures of the old cafe here