February 15, 2009


Dutch delftware
  • Netherlands
  • tin glazed pottery
  • Design, Dutch scenes- windmills, fishing boats, hunting scenes, landscapes and seascapes, occasional religious motif.

English delftware
  • followed the dutch
  • at this time china were big importers of pottery and their delft designs were big hit in Europe
  • see some of these designs filter into English delftware
  • Staffordshire willow pattern
  • English designs more laid back then dutch, more provincial and naive than urban and sophisticated
  • methods and techniques were similar.

I've begun to work on my some illustrations to apply to plates to imitate the delftware look. Keeping my ideas to the English tradition of simple, rural, and naive, I've been working from photographs of places I have been and images that hold childhood memories.

My next mission is to start to work on interpreting a traditional french salon folk tale (possibly donkey skin) over several plates in the delft style; blue and white. Print this post