March 23, 2009

Building blocks

I've been thinking about my images for my tea set there purpose, its purpose as a tea set, its relevance to my research, to tea, to the french salons, and to me. My images are have a hint of building blockness to them - conventional shapes used to create and recreate different outcomes. Shapes put together and taken apart to create and recreate new outcomes. Something that is reminiscence to the stories that would be told during the meetings of the women of the french Salons. They would tell tales all built up from similar foundations- the building blocks if you like. Kings and queens, princes and princess, fairy godmothers, animal morphing, love and deciet, towns and villages, picturesque scenes with happy endings, fairy tales - dreamlike escapes, idealistic views of socioty. The french salon's are known for thier many stories, in particular Madame D'Aulnoy and Charles Perrault, but what makes them all simular apart from the differently dressed words is the solid blocks upon which they build from. I want to focus on this in my images and thier purpose for being applied to a tea set. My tea set will not have two parts the same although the images will be made from simular shapes (building blocks/fairy tale foundations) each cup plate saucer and spoon will have different images on, that can be mixed and matched, placed and replaced to tell different table top stories. Print this post