March 15, 2009

Music project

Tonight i have been thinking a lot about my music project, what it is, and what i want to achieve from it? How to start it? What is to be the foundations? As a follow on i guess from escapism I've been thinking about curiosity, to things unknown. Im not talking about aliens or anything silly like that more, like what is over that mountain, down into that valley and through that door? Is it something better than what we know (escapism)? Sonnenzimmer is my starting point for my images and Nick butcher , my starting inspiration for my sounds. I'm thinking about found instrumentation, objects we know but can not relate to once built into a composition. They loose their identity, thus becoming unrecognisable sounds. Endless loops, little structure or direction, unexpected endings and beginnings, little to hold onto and understand. Loose, vague, hinting, curious sounds accompanied by images of similar stature. Endless stories, open ended images. Any way that's the plan for today but it's likely to change tomorrow, we'll see how it goes over Easter. Print this post