July 28, 2009

The Tea Mountain - Narrative tea set

I haven't had chance to get my tea set photographed as of yet so here is some photographs of it shown at the 'This Will Kill That' show in July this year. This project my aim was to create an illustrative tea set. Having read deeply into the history of tea the design became inspired by the origins and traditions of 18th Century afternoon tea gatherings and the use of these meetings to educate and share creative tales.

With these afternoon tea gatherings often being referred to as imitations of the French salons, I began to research and read many tales created by the women in these groups – particularly Madame D'Aulnoy.

After studying their conversational style of writing where stories where used as a form of, I decided to create my own story, which would be told over different components of the tea set. My idea to involve visual text came later, imitating the action of writing ideas down on your napkin.

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